Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Hickok45- America's Greatest YouTube'r

I'm going to veer off from talking about automotive related stuff for a second, and introduce you to Hickok45.

Mr. Hickok45 himself, carving pumpkins with bullets. Haha!

One of my other hobbies, albeit a smaller hobby of mine, is target shooting. From as far back as I can remember, my father was always a gun guy. He has had several over the years, and continues to have a decent collection of great firearms. So, naturally I've picked it up as one of my own hobbies.

I'll spare you all the whole 2nd Amendment this and that and just tell you that it is truly a privilege to own and shoot guns, and I most definitely do not abuse this right as an American citizen. I don't consider it to be much of a self-defense tool any more than I would consider my baseball bat to be. If anything, using a gun for protection is the last thing on my mind. I don't want to make it sound like I shoot tons of ammunition each month or own more guns that the local gun shop carries (I really don't on either account). I just really enjoy the physics involved with shooting firearms. It really is another technical marvel, next to Formula One race cars. Sorry, had to throw that in there. It just amazes me how some very basic principles are involved in making a firearm work.

So, about Hickok45. Obviously this is not his real name, but it's the handle he goes by on YouTube. He has some great shooting videos, almost all shot (pun intended) at his "shooting compound". What a fortunate guy to have his very own shooting range on his property! He really is a skilled gunner, and if you watch enough of his videos, he explains a little on his background- used to compete in events for several years, has owned more that a fair share of handguns and rifles of all types of calibers, also an archer, and apparently an athlete in other regards (basketball and cycling has been mentioned in a few of his vids).

Back in Hickok45's competition days. The Smith and Wesson 29 8 3/8" barrel.

Quite intimidating!

But what is really great about him, other than shooting more ammo in one video than I've ever shot in my lifetime (I'm only half exaggerating!), is that he's also a bit of a historian. He knows guns by manufacturer and gives everyone the rundown on each and every make.He normally follows up with other videos on the same gun with crazy amounts of shooting, just so it doesn't sound so much like a classroom, I suppose. There's even videos explaining different calibers of bullets. He also puts up instructional videos, such as reloading, shooting stance/grip basics, etc.

I consider him to be Mr. Glock

He also does much of this out of pocket. I know that shooting can be expensive. Sure, he's had some people donate some ammunition or guns loaned to him just so they can be put on video. But for the most part it seems he pays for this stuff himself. For that, he earns 100 million internets. Joking aside, he really deserves some money for what he does. I hope he has a PayPal account to start receiving donations. Shooting ain't cheap! If I have it correct, it is his son that shoots/directs/edits the videos. That's pretty awesome for a home based operation!

To date, he's had 700 videos posted, has just over 250,000 subscribers, and has accumulated over 92 million views. From what it sounds like, based on people's responses to his videos, he's become a bit of an international star. Rad guy!

Check out a few of his videos. Here's a few of his Glock videos. I'm also a proud Glock owner (19 and 23). I'm far off from being Hickok45 status when it comes to owning a few of them!

Some other favorites of mine are his revolver videos

Anyway, whether or not you're a gun fan, please check him out on YouTube. I'm sure you'll find he's a much more pleasing guy than I'm making him sound right now.

Oh, and he Tweets

as well as having a Photobucket with some great pictures

Bye for now!


  1. i also find him entertaining to watch along with sootch00 and nutnfancy...

    1. For sure, dan247! I also enjoy watching those two. tnoutdoors9 also does some great videos, especially regarding ballistics test, that I like to watch. Of course, there are many others out there that put up some great vids for the firearm-loving crowd!

      Thanks for sharing!